Steve Trolley

Author of 'The Secret Life of a Shopping Trolley'

“ When it comes to inanimate objects, you humans have got it all wrong. If only you'd known the truth sooner!...”

Hi, I'm Steve Trolley. It's great to see you!

Welcome, my friend. I'm so glad you found your way here.

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Steve Trolley... perhaps the most famous shopping trolley in the world!

What's that? You've never heard of me? Shame on you! Where have you been all this time?

Never mind, you're here now and that's what matters.

Please join me as I reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of my life in my new books 'The Secret Life of a Shopping Trolley.'

Did you even know that there is more to shopping trolleys than just wheels and bags? No? I thought not!

Come along for the journey... Laugh with me, cry with me, see what we all get up to when you're not looking... and I'll make sure that you never view shopping trolleys in the same way again!

It's time you knew the truth!...


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Discover the Books!

In case you hadn't heard, I've been busy writing my life story... and a very interesting story it is too! In fact, I ended up writing six volumes and there may well be more to come in the future.

I'm sure you're impatient to find out what I get up to (and who could blame you?) and to read all about what shopping trolleys do when you're not looking. So CLICK HERE to find out more and to get your copies now.

(And by the way, I really do recommend that you read them in the right order, starting with Volume 1, otherwise they might not make much sense to you and that would be a real shame!)

what people say about'the secret life of a shopping trolley'

Book Reviews

I never knew Steve had it in him!
Six volumes about his life... and all written on the quiet. Absolutely amazing! He cracked me up at times... and had me crying minutes later. No idea how he managed to do that!
If you have the slightest curiosity about how shopping trolleys REALLY live, then this is a must read.
He’s one writer no one should miss. and I, for one, can't wait to see what he comes out with next!

RUFUS the draughtstopper

Steve Trolley says that this is the true version of his life... but really?
I've never seen a shopping trolley move without human intervention, so how can I believe his stories? (But on the other hand, some of his observations are strangely very accurate. So maybe there's something in it after all - how scary!)
There's no denying it though... All six volumes of 'The Secret Life of a Shopping Trolley'  deliver what so many books are missing these days... silly, feel-good fun with touches of sadness and total honesty thrown in. Real or not, I loved reading about Steve's adventures!

shopkeeper, braintree village

Underneath all the humour, witty comments and mis-quotes from Steve, there's a heartwarming tale of what it really means to be a shopping trolley in the modern world of humans. So much goes on that we humans are completely ignorant of... until now, that is.
Steve is a loveable trolley, wrestling with his duties, restrictions and emotions, and yet he tells his story in such a way, that you feel totally involved in his life. Absolutely brilliant!

steve's editor (now unemployed)

I've known Steve Trolley for over ten years and we've spent many happy hours together. However, I never thought for one minute that he would reveal all to the world. Well, I guess the secrets are well and truly out there now. 
I love the way Steve leaves us on a cliffhanger at the end of each volume. I couldn't wait to get stuck into the next volume, even though I know Steve's story well. I found the books addictive, in the nicest of ways. Do read them. You don't know what you're missing!

brian the mop